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Just a reminder
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 | 00:50 | 0 comments

We just a human,
always not satisfied with the things we had.
complain...and complain,
without noticed,
we had a better life than others.
without a shame,
we forgot to give a thank for what we had in life.
just always complaining the things we had.

We always complain that our feet hurts after walking too much,
there are peoples who can't even walk.

We always complain that we have to reads too many book for exam,
there are peoples who can't even see or read.

We always complain that the lecture session was boring,
there are peoples who can't even hear or talk.

feel shame for what we complaining.

there are others that doesn't have what we had.
just say Alhamdulillah with all the thing given to us.

'' With feet to take me where i'd go,
with eyes to see the sunset's glow,
with ears to hear what i'd know.
Oh Allah, forgive me when i whine.
I've been blessed indeed,
the world is mine.''

# just a reminder for me, 
just try to no complaining anymore oke? =')